They told you the money is lost

they gave you a million reasons why you can’t withdraw but, right now
we are telling you there is a way to get those funds back
Join our success and together we will reclaim any lost funds

Financial Technologies Investigator


Your Online Cyber Investigation Team

Global FTI is a private cyber investigation company that helps clients to retrieve money they’ve lost with non-regulated Virtual trading companies.

Our clients are everyday individuals, corporations, professionals and other investigative companies. We combine our years of experience in cyber investigations to help mitigate risks and make informed decisions when you are defrauded.

Our team of analysts and cyber investigators with military backgrounds have vast knowledge of preventing and detecting fraud. They are hi-tech investigators trained in advanced IT security to analyze evidence and perform digital forensics.

What kind of services we provide?

Cyber Fraud Investigation

With online fraud cases growing at a fast pace, our team of professionals will analyze and investigate virtual frauds such as hacking, extortion, transfer and theft of currency from wallet

Background Check

Our experts are able to verify a company’s history, trace and search assets, check for criminal records and certifications to confirm their validity. We are also able to gather valuable intelligence, handle surveillance or conduct politic enquiries on your behalf.

Dispute Resolution Service

If you’ve been ripped off your money or investment by a fraudulent website and you need help with retrieving your assets, look no further. Global FTI will file dispute forms or chargebacks that contain statements and reasons you should be remitted. We also ensure there’s solid evidence or proof to back up your claim

Digital Forensics

We will assist you or your company in establishing compliance, conduct fraud risk assessments, gather intelligence and perform digital forensics to save stress and avoid more loss

Why Choose Us?

Reliability and Honesty

We pride on these values to collaborate with you and ensure you’re getting the best service with no hidden costs.

Customer First

Global FTI exist to help companies or individuals prevent and detect fraud, and as such, every decision or action we take is based on how well it serves you.

Years of experience

Over the years, we have assisted hundreds of clients with fraud cases and retrieving funds. We have helped to retrieve over 2 million dollars for victims of trading/investment scams.

We Love our job

There is no better reward than returning the money to a person who lost it in a bad and heartless scam, This is what keeps our hearts whole

Our Customers

Our cutomers are Our Pride.
And only thanks to them we learn something new every day
about the ever-changing fraud market.

Specialize in dealing with Digital Trading/Investment Scams

Among our clients, we also work with small and personal businesses and personal clients

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Our Address :

Weizmann St 4,
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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